Changing face of Education in India

Changing face of Education in India

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Changing face of Education in India

Importance of education in India comes from the very roots of our history. India is a country that has had scholars in each field. The very culture of our country relies heavily upon a sound education  system which has always helped in producing the best minds, which are today spread across the globe. As time passes by, changes take place and this is precisely the case study of even Indian way of education. Today, India is in a transition phase where education is no exception. In order to maintain a strong balance during the time of changes, it is imperative that institutions come out with innovations.

Modern teaching methodology

Education system in our country is provided by the government as well as private bodies. And as we have stepped more towards globalised environment, technology has started to play a crucial role towards simplifying the education system, where private institutions are gaining momentum. Going back a bit in time, we used to have blackboards and chalks for classrooms, whereas today, things have innovated. Whiteboards, markers, projectors, screens and presentations are the tools of the modern day education. Researchers and Scientists have proven that the best way of communication is through audio and video tools, as these methods allow better retention and recall. Thus, today’s schools or other educational institutions have inculcated modern ways of teaching that is developing a child or student in a better way.

Advanced infrastructure

Back in our days, we used to use staircases to reach our classrooms, whereas today, there are elevators available in institutions. With enhanced technology, the need of advanced infrastructure has risen. The use of modern tools such as computers, laptops, air-conditioned rooms, advanced laboratories, better sporting equipments and so much more, can be easily observed. All these ways of conducting education today is resulting in better results. Such sound infrastructure today has been a gift by private bodies who have brought western culture into Indian education system.

Speaking about how well the face of Indian education is shaping up, Meeta Rai, Director of DPS Indirapuram Meerut Road Campus states, “Education system in India has developed manifolds over the last few decades. Since globalisation, methodology and syllabuses have changed. The infrastructure has revamped which is somewhere a need of the hour. In order to come at par with the global education system, it was imperative that Indian system was upgraded. This is exactly where our country is excelling and more private bodies are coming up with educational institutions. Our country is thus, on the ladder of growth which in coming few years will take our system to another level all together.”

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