Two-thirds Happy with 2 Years of Government Performance: LocalCircles Survey

Two-thirds Happy with 2 Years of Government Performance: LocalCircles Survey

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New Delhi, Delhi, India

  • 64% Citizens say Government performance Met Expectations, 36% find it Below Expectations.
  • Key areas where more efforts are needed include Women and Child Safety, Controlling Price Rise.
  • Citizens rate Direct Benefits Transfer initiative highly, Swachh Bharat and Make in India behind.
  • Most want Government to focus on bringing investments and create jobs in the next 3 years.
  • Overall, 76% citizens feel optimistic about their and their family’s future in India.

LocalCircles (, India’s leading citizen engagement platform today has concluded its citizen survey on 2-year performance of Central Government.

Over 100,000 unique citizens from different parts of India and some NRIs participated in this exercise which lasted almost a month and included a combination of 20 polls and discussions. Over 15,000 citizens participated in each one of the polls and a total of 375,568 responses were received making it a very large sample size. The sample also included people from all age groups 18 and above. Also, 46% of the respondents were from Tier 1 cities, 27% from Tier 2 cities and 27% were from Tier 3 and rural parts of India.

Key Quantitative Findings from the 2 years of governance Citizen Survey

  • 35% believe unemployment rate has reduced, 43% believe otherwise.
  • 38% believe prices of essential commodities have come down, 55% believe they have gone up.
  • 38% believe crime against women/children has reduced, 44% believe it has not reduced.
  • 18% believe their elected MP is engaged in constituency issues, 66% see no engagement.
  • 36% believe Ministries are taking citizen feedback and acting, 48% believe they are not.
  • 67% believe cleanliness and sanitation in their city has improved, 28% see no improvement.
  • 61% believe corruption has reduced while 32% don’t see any reduction.
  • 56% see an improvement in power/water situation while 34% haven’t experienced improvement.
  • 60% believe doing business has become easier while 23% believe it has not.
  • 61% believe Government has done its best to get GST approved while 30% don’t believe so.
  • 72% believe there has been growth in infrastructure development, only 20% disagree.
  • 72% believe that terrorism has reduced, 21% believe they have not.
  • 90% feel India’s image and influence in the world has improved, only 8% disagree.
  • 34% believe relationship with Pakistan has improved, 51% don’t see an improvement.
  • 63% believe issues of communalism have been effectively handled, 31% think otherwise.
  • 68% believe Government is on track to deliver to promises made pre-election, 26% don’t believe so.
  • 64% believe the Government has met (46%) or exceeded (18%) expectations, 36% find performance below expectations.

Below are the detailed poll results for all the 20 questions

2 years of government survey results

Below are key qualitative recommendations from citizens on Government focus for the coming year

  • Driving District level reforms – Taking missions like Make in India down to the district level by selecting 10 districts where business can start up in days and operate hassle free.
  • Driving Urban Local Body reforms – Taking 10 urban local bodies and transforming their functioning, making them systems driven and corruption free.
  • Redefining Smart City initiative to Liveable City initiative and deliver something in 3 years.
  • Initiating judicial reforms in partnership with judiciary and speeding the justice process.
  • Initiating police reforms so our policing becomes smarter, force well paid and citizen-friendly.
  • Ensuring no undue tax harassment for common tax paying citizens and start up entrepreneurs
  • Ensuring GST and Land Bill are cleared in the parliament.
  • Re-looking at Start Up India so it encourages millions of entrepreneurs not just tech start ups.
  • Implementing a KRA system for all bureaucrats which links pay and promotion to performance.
  • Replacing the file system in Central Government offices with electronic files.
  • Getting Ministers, Bureaucrats and MPs to engage with citizen issues on the ground.
  • Developing 2-3 model states where central reforms/missions flow seamlessly to the ground level and benefit the common citizen.

About LocalCircles

LocalCircles is India’s leading citizen engagement platform that connects citizens at local, city and national level to participate in governance and make their urban life better. LocalCircles has more than 1,000,000 citizens connected on it across the country. All data and poll results are an exclusive copyright of LocalCircles so please give due credit.

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