Over 3000 Indian Girls Participated in Whisper India’s #LikeAGirl & Proud Challenge with Pride

Over 3000 Indian Girls Participated in Whisper India’s #LikeAGirl & Proud Challenge with Pride

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Soha Ali Khan, Mandira Bedi and Bani J participate in the #LikeAGirl & Proud challenge
Soha Ali Khan, Mandira Bedi and Bani J participate in the #LikeAGirl & Proud challenge

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

After the nation saw Sonakshi Sinha and Sakshi Malik launch the Whisper India #LikeAGirl & Proud Challenge late last month, in a span of two weeks over 3000 girls across the country have come forward in support of the #LikeAGirl campaign by participating in the digital challenge. Some of the prominent names that standout are Bollywood actor Soha Ali Khan who posted a video of herself playing badminton like a pro and the immensely talented Mandira Bedi who shared a video of herself driving a truck like a boss on social media. Also VJ Bani J expressed her support towards the campaign in her quintessential way by sharing a video of her lifting heavy weights.

Whisper India believes that ‘Like a Girl’ should represent the strength, talent, character and downright amazing-ness of every girl. The brand has put out a challenge to all the girls in the country to take Pride and display how they Play, Fight, Run, Drive, Lead or Do Anything That They Love Proudly #LikeAGirl, every day in their lives. To participate in the digital challenge girls uploaded a short video or picture on social media doing anything that they have been previously discouraged to do, only because they are girls.

Shout out to all the girls who haven’t yet participated in the challenge to join us in making ‘Like A Girl’ mean amazing things by uploading videos or pictures tagging @WhisperIndia on Instagram & Facebook.

FIGHT #LikeAGirl: Sakshi Malik said, “Ladkiya hai, duniya jeet lenge. @WhisperIndia ka #LikeAGirl & Proud Challenge lo dikhado what you love doing PROUDLY #LikeAGirl!”

PLAY #LikeAGirl: Bollywood Actress, Soha Ali Khan said “So you think girls can’t play? Think again. I play badminton proudly and #LikeAGirl. I invite all my followers to take up the @whisperindia #LikeAGirl & proud challenge and show the world what you do #LikeAGirl & Proud. Let nobody tell what you cannot or should not do, just because you are a girl! We are unstoppable and we should always be!”

DRIVE #LikeAGirl: Mandira Bedi said, “Girls can’t drive? Yeah, right!! Here I am PROUDLY driving a TRUCK #LikeAGirl. There’s no reason why girls cannot or should not do something! I challenge all you girls to take up @whisperindia’s #LikeAGirl & Proud Challenge and show the world that you are unstoppable! Do tag all your girlfriends as well. Let’s change the very definition of ‘Like A Girl’.”

LIFT #LikeAGirl: Bani J said, “No matter how much people like to tell me lifting isn’t for me esp. being a girl. It’ll never amount to how much I LOVE to LIFT #LikeAGirl & PROUD! Did this as part of Whispers #LikeAGirl and proud challenge! Shoutout to @whisperIndia for bringing the campaign here! Show your support for this awesome campaign by doing what you love PROUDLY like a girl! And tag your peeps too :)”

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