Introduction to CSR and Sustainability

Course Curriculum

Introduction and Application to CSR and Sustainability in Management Verticals

  • Definition and History of CSR Globally
  • Indian CSR Law – in-depth Analysis
  • Relevance CSR for Core Business Success.
  • CSR and Business Competitiveness.
  • Sharing Case studies (National)

CSR and Sustainability Measurement Tools

  • CSR Measurement tools – self-assessment and external assessment.
  • SDG’s, GRI, ISO 26000.
  • Framework and guidelines – OECD, UN Global Compact principles, NVGs
  • CSR Reporting Formats – MCA – CSR Report – BRR· – Integrated Reporting.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Index.

CSR and Sustainability Communications

  • Strategic communication and Engaging stakeholders.
  • Build a brand reputation.
  • Create value for an organization.
  • Concepts of sustainability communications Impact.
  • Role of in CSR communications.

Social Entrepreneurship

  • What is Social Entrepreneurship?
  • Why is SE being talked about? Why is SE important?
  • Where is SE relevant? Who could be involved in SE?
  • When is it prudent to address SE, How to go about SE?

NGO Fundraising

  • Why not feel guilty about fundraising?
  • Characteristics of various funding sources, Typical examples of funding sources.
  • NGOs preparedness and Strategy for different kinds of donors.
  • Corporate and Retail fundraising – decoded
  • Anecdotes from my own experience – What works?
  • Funding funnel – Effort vs Result

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