Tesco Bengaluru Plants 6500 Saplings Together with Local Communities to Increase City’s Green Cover

Tesco Bengaluru Plants 6500 Saplings Together with Local Communities to Increase City’s Green Cover

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Tesco Bengaluru, the technology and retail operations team for Tesco worldwide, planted a total of 6500 saplings this year with its latest afforestation drive held near the Yeshwanthpur Railway Station. This is the biggest plantation drive undertaken by Tesco Bengaluru this year with over 3,000 saplings planted by volunteers including Tesco Bengaluru colleagues, students, nature enthusiasts and local residents.

Tesco’s tree plantation drives, in partnership with ‘Say Trees’, an organisation for nature lovers, aims to revive the city’s shrinking green cover by planting saplings in areas that are barren and devoid of greenery. Previous drives were conducted in different parts of Bengaluru from Whitefield to Koramangala.

Aniisu K Verghese, Senior Manager – Corporate Communications and CSR said, “Every little help makes a big difference to the communities we serve. By partnering with relevant stakeholders we believe we can improve Bengaluru’s green cover and quality of life for its citizens. Our colleagues are empowered to lead Tesco Bengaluru’s initiatives such as afforestation drives that encourage people to contribute to sustainability efforts. Over the years we have actively contributed to raising awareness and positively impacting the communities”

Tesco Bengaluru’s tree plantation drive is part of the its corporate social responsibility programmes called ‘Care4Nature’ that encourages colleagues to do their bit for the environment and supports initiatives such as a ‘green’ colleague transport fleet and solar lights for the community.

About Tesco Bengaluru

Tesco Bengaluru is the only technology and retail operations centre that caters to Tesco’s growth and presence globally by serving millions of customers worldwide.

About SayTrees

SayTrees is a professionally run group of ordinary people extraordinarily determined to protect the environment not just by themselves, but also by sensitising others towards the importance of environment conservation and goading them on to participate in tree-plantation campaigns.  SayTrees spearheads a variety of initiatives including research, education, sensitisation and advocacy around the importance of environmental preservation and tree plantation.

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