A National Workshop On Water Filtration Techniques Based On Solar Energy

A National Workshop On Water Filtration Techniques Based On Solar Energy


Worldwide, the water demand is anticipated to increase by 55% by 2050. Much of the demand is driven by agriculture, which accounts for 70% of global freshwater use, and food production will need to grow by 69% by 2035 to feed the growing population. Water withdrawal for energy, used for cooling power stations, is also expected to increase by over 20%. In other words, the near future presents one big freshwater drain after the next. What’s more? Right now, according to a NASA-led study, many of the world’s freshwater sources are being drained faster than they are being replenished.Of the world’s major aquifers (gravel and sand-filled underground reservoirs), 21 out of 37 are receding, from India and China to the United States and France. The Ganges Basin is depleting, due to population and irrigation demands, by an estimated 6.31 centimeters every year.

Scope of Workshop

The workshop’s objective is to enhance the knowledge of the participants in the area of the “Water Filtration Techniques Based on Solar Energy”. A unique, national level opportunity which delves into the high-level, strategic issues relating to the water purification, investigation of practical strategies, and integration of renewable energy practitioner, project developers, and industries. These can further implement above mentioned discussion to overcome obstacles posed by local planning schemes and regulations, and most importantly, do it in an intelligent, cost-efficient and timely way. The workshop will provide a platform for an in-depth discussion on the various challenges and their possible remedies which will benefit participants from academic/ R&D institutions, engineers, and policymakers.

The 3 day workshop will be include demonstration experiments/ training on water purification systems and research solutions for future purifiers and their potential issues require looking beyond the existing research frontiers, independent of disciplinary boundaries.

Target Audience

The workshop is open for Faculty members/ Students of engineering/ science colleges, practitioner from industries and other organizations.

Event Location Indian Institute of Technology Mandi, Mandi-175001, HP, INDIA
A National Workshop On Water Filtration Techniques Based On Solar Energy
IIT Mandi
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