A Short Term Program (Under AICTE-QIP Program) On Gender And Communication

A Short Term Program (Under AICTE-QIP Program) On Gender And Communication


The course is for teachers from AICTE approved degree level (or above) colleges. Registration is free for them. They will also be provided free boarding and lodging during the tenure of the course, and will be provided TA (maximum of AC 3 tier train fare).

All participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance duly signed by the Dean (CEP), IIT, Kharagpur at the end of the program.

Course outline:

Differences in the communication styles adopted by men and women have been an important issue in the field of communication. The extensive discussions on gender-based communication styles in the past were rooted to the belief system that men and women socialize in different ways in different contexts which shaped their speech behaviors and communication styles differently. With globalization, however, the patterns of discourses that men and women participate in are changing fast. Under such circumstances, the various issues regarding the viability of different speech behaviors of men and women are highly contested. Consequently, the speech behaviors of men and women in the modern times are expected to have more commonalities rather than differences, and understanding gender communication from a different perspective is the need of the hour. Gender at present is understood from a different perspective; it is not equated with the biological categories of sex.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to gender
  • Difference between gender and sex
  • Manifestation of gender in language and communication
  • Gender in grammars
  • Gendering the self through language choice
  • Masculinity and femininity
  • Gender and Identity
  • Theories of gender and identity
  • Gender and power in discourse
  • Power and the language of men
  • Femininity and the language of women
  • Politeness and powerlessness in speech behavior

Registration deadline: February 7, 2019

Eligibility: Candidates preferably with a PhD or with a Master’s degree in literature/ linguistics/ language and communication are eligible to apply.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates may please visit the webpage of IIT Kharagpur at http://iitkgp.ac.in/. At the bottom right, you will find “All Events”. Click on “Apply for CE Events” where you will find the link to apply for various courses.

Event Location Department of HSS, IIT Kharagpu
03222-281810 (O)
A Short Term Program (Under AICTE-QIP Program) On Gender And Communication
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