Ashden Awards 2019

Ashden Awards 2019

Applications are open for Ashden Awards that reward innovative enterprises and programmes that deliver, or play a key part in enabling the delivery of sustainable energy systems and through this bring social, economic and environmental benefits.


  • Clean Cooking (£20,000 prize)
  • Sustainable Energy & Healthcare (£20,000 prize)
  • Financial or Business Model Innovation (£20,000 prize)
  • Powering Business (£20,000 prize)
  • Sustainable Mobility (£20,000 prize)
  • Sustainable Cities and Buildings (£10,000 prize)
  • Cooling for People (£20,000 prize)
  • Impax Ashden Award for Energy Innovation(£10,000 prize)
  • UK Ashden Award for Sustainable Buildings (£10,000 prize)
  • UK Ashden Award for Clean Air in Towns and Cities (£10,000 prize)


  • Award of up to £20,000
  • National and international media exposure
  • Tailored support to develop their work even further
  • Media materials to help applicant tell their story

Eligibility Criteria

Businesses, NGOs, government organisations, and social enterprises (both for-profit and not-forprofit, including community groups) are all eligible.

Key Criteria

  • Sustainable Cities and Buildings: Organisations working in the built environment to rapidly decarbonise urban buildings and districts, including retrofitting existing buildings, as well as the design and construction of new buildings
  • Sustainable Mobility: Innovative enterprises or programmes that are improving access to sustainable transport and mobility services for those who currently have inadequate access, and having a measurable impact on greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution or congestion
  • Powering Business: They are looking for enterprises or programmes providing and/or using sustainable energy or energy efficiency in the provision of goods and services to produce income or value
  • Clean Cooking: They are seeking organisations accelerating the uptake of cleaner and more efficient cooking solutions which reduce indoor air pollution, improve health and protect the environment
  • Sustainable Energy & Healthcare: They are looking for organisations providing and/or using sustainable forms of energy to support the provision of healthcare services, including solutions for mobile, emergency and humanitarian contexts, cold-chain and other eco-system needs
  • Cooling for People: They are looking for organisations that are delivering work that alleviates heat stress for those spending time outdoors in hot climates, whether for work or while travelling
  • Financial or Business Model Innovation: They are looking for organisations or programmes improving access to energy through innovations in financial mechanisms and business models
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Ashden Awards 2019
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