Heal Your ENTIRE Life with Romshri

Heal Your ENTIRE Life with Romshri

*Heal Your ENTIRE Life*

Hypnotherapy & Inner Child Healing based workshop by Romshri


  • Healing all painful events of life back till prenatal memories (womb memories).
  • Addressing all the emotional wounds and healing them once and for all.
  • Releasing negative, Past painful and toxic emotions.
  • Detoxification of subconscious mind.
  • Complete cleansing, replacement, empowerment and rejuvenation of subconscious mind.
  • Accelerate the process of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional prosperity.
  • Learn how to perform this therapy on others.
  • Empower self & others.

For details & registration write to info@awakeninglove.co  or Phone :‭ +91 96505 01383, +91-8826837206. Visit : www.awakeninglove.co

Event Location Dehradun, Dehradun
Heal Your ENTIRE Life with Romshri
Refund Policy : Non-refundable.
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info@awakeninglove.co +91 96505 01383
romshri.ashesh@gmail.com +91-8826837206
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